Tracey Wolffe, Artist and Author


"Love your art...what a talent! So free and expressive and so many styles and voices" - Lucinda Drayton, Blissful Music

"What colour! Your work reminds me of a little of Henry Moore, but Moore if he'd been influenced by Pollock" - Amanda Wheeler, Hay House publishers

"Your painting "Life" is the most fabulous piece of art I have ever seen. I hope you have many more stunning and inspirational pieces still to come" - Tamasin Fay McGregor, writer

"The (commissioned) painting is great. Love it. It has pride of place" - SJA, Transformation Consulting

“Lessons in Life is amazing and I absolutely loved it. There is so much depth, meaning, colour and texture in the paintings, and the words are perfectly chosen for and suited to each one. It’s truly inspirational, and you have such a talent (yet another one!) I love the fact that each time I look at the Lessons, I see more and more in them and something different. The vibrancy of the pictures and incredible observations alongside them are coaching for life, and bound to lift the spirits. I feel really chuffed to own your book. Well done. Utterly brilliant.” Suzannah Goodchild

“Lessons in Life by the talented Tracey Wolffe is a stunningly illustrated instruction manual for life. A beautiful reminder to focus on the love in life. A clear message highlighting the power of positivity, and the strength required to be kind. The book is a wonderful gift to yourself or someone you care about. I can not recommend it enough. 5* - Joanne McGurk, chiropractor”

Canvas: 30.5 x 30.5 cm