Tracey Wolffe - Author, Artist, Yoga and Pilates Teacher

Heartwork Fitness

I trained for 2 years with the British Wheel of Yoga (level 4, HND equivalent). I have taught Hatha yoga in a corporate setting, sports centre, and private classes.

Most recently I have delivered Heartwork Yoga on Zoom, to nearly 80 students. I have designed over 100 uniquely themed classes for adults, families and corporate groups of staff and clients, for students from 8-80 years old; male, and female including pregnant ladies.

If you're interested in my zoom classes email me for details, and follow me at Heartwork TW on Facebook and heartworkyoga on Instagram. To join in, simply transfer payment (12.50 per household for a group session, 45 for a corporate class, or 30 for 1-1), I send you the zoom link, then you pin my video on your laptop or computer, set up so I can see you standing, sitting and lying on your yoga mat. All you need is a warm peaceful room, layers of clothing for relaxation at the end, and a good WiFi connection!

In addition to my yoga teaching during the pandemic, I completed all coursework for my Pilates teacher training, and gained 97% in my Anatomy and Physiology exam, and 100% in my Principles of Health Exam! In June 2021 I qualified as a Pilates instructor. I have enjoyed designing and delivering my own blend of Yogalates❣️